Artisan Cheese Awards


Gold Award 2016Silver Awards 2016Bronze Award 2016

2016 saw the first Artisan Cheese Awards

We had 338 entries from 86 artisan cheese makers for 20 classes
The 2017 awards will be judged on Thursday 20th April 2017 and the prizes awarded at the Cheese Makers Supper on Saturday 29th April. More details will be posted shortly regarding prizes, classes, entries etc. Entry is only from artisan cheese makers in the British Isles producing less than 250 tonnes of cheese (in total) per year starting from milk. (No blenders, affineurs, secondary producers etc).  All cheeses must be commercially available

And the Winner (2016) is...

Supreme Champion is Rollright Cheese by King Stone Dairy! The Dairy founded last April (2015) has won with its first cheese launched in August 2015  

List of Winners 2016

King Stone DairyOxfordshireRollrightWashed rind, soft cow's milkSupreme Champion, Best Small Producer, Best Cow's Milk Cheese, Winner New Cheese Class
Bath Soft Cheese CompanySomersetWyfe of BathSemi Hard cheeseBest Organic Cheese, Winner Semi-Soft Cheese Class, Winner Blue Cheese Class
Cream O' Galloway Dairy CompanyDunfries & Galloway, ScotlandCarrickFarmhouse CheeseBest Micro Producer
Loosehanger CheesesWiltshireMere Park BlueBest Vegetarian Cheese
Caws Teifi CheeseCeredigion, WalesCeltic PromiseWashed RindBest Raw Milk Cheese
Carmarthenshire Cheese CompanyCarmarthenshire, WalesGafr LasSoft blue cheeseBest Goat's Cheese
Crudges CheeseOxfordshireSarsdenManchego style cheese. 1 yr oldBest Sheep's Cheese
Fen Farm DairySuffolkBaron BigodSoft Bloomy rindWinner Soft Cheese Class
Lyburn Farmhouse cheeseWiltshireOld Winchester18 Month Washed Curd Hard CheeseWinner Hard Cheese Class
Trethowan's Dairy LtdSomersetGorwydd CaerphillyUnpasteurised cows milk cheeseWinner British Territorial Class
Hartington Creamery LtdDerbyshireHartington StiltonStilton CheeseWinner Protected Food Name Class
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseCo Galway, Ireland?Killeen GoatSoft Goats CheeseWinner Farmhouse Cheese Class

List of Gold, Silver, Bronze Award Winners

Cheese MakerCheeseDescriptionAwardWinner
King Stone DairyRollrightWashed rind, soft cow's milkGoldSupreme Champion, Best Small Producer, Best Cow's Milk Cheese, Winner New Cheese Class
Bath Soft Cheese CompanyWyfe of BathSemi Hard cheeseGoldBest Organic Cheese, Winner Semi-Soft Cheese Class, Winner Blue Cheese Class
Carmarthen Cheese CompanyGafr LasSoft blue cheeseGoldBest Goat's Cheese
Caws Teifi CheeseCeltic PromiseWashed RindGoldBest Raw Milk Cheese
Crudges CheeseSarsdenManchego style cheese. 1 yr oldGoldBest Sheep's Cheese
Loosehanger CheesesMere Park BlueBlue CheeseGoldBest Vegetarian Cheese
Trethowan's Dairy LtdGorwydd CaerphillyUnpasteurised cows milk cheeseGoldWinner British Territorial Class
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseKilleen GoatGoats cheeseGoldWinner Farmhouse Cheese Class
Lyburn Farmhouse cheeseOld Winchester18 Month Washed Curd Hard CheeseGoldWinner Hard Cheese Class
Hartington Creamery LtdHartington StiltonStilton PDOGoldWinner Protected Food Name Class
Fen Farm DairyBaron BigodSoft Bloomy rindGoldWinner Soft Cheese Class
Cream O' Galloway Dairy CompanyCarrickFarmhouse CheeseGoldBest Micro Producer
ApplebysApplebys CheshireTraditional CheshireGold
Bath Soft cheeseBath BlueSoft BlueGold
Caws Cenarth CheeseGolden CenarthSemi-soft washed rindGold
Charles Martell & Son LtdStinking BishopRind Washed Semi SoftGold
Golden Cross Cheese coGolden CrossMould Ripened Soft GoatGold
HS BourneRaw Milk Cloth Bound Cheshire ?Raw Milk Farmhouse CheshireGold
Kennall Vale CheeseSt GluviasHard pressed farmhouseGold
Leicestershire Handmade Cheese CoSparkenhoe Red leicesterTraditionally produced in Leicester, HandmadeGold
Lincolnshire PoacherDouble BarrelGold
Mrs Kirkhams CheeseMrs Kirkhams LancashireLancashire Style?Gold
OlianasYorkshire Pecorino FrescoSoft young pecorino 20 day matureGold
St Andrews Farmhouse CheeseSt Andrews FarmhouseCheddar Style aged 9 monthsGold
The Old Cheese roomBaronetFrench Style Semi-softGold
Whitelake RachelGold
Yorkshire Fine CheeseBarncliffe BrieSoft mould ripenedGold
BarwheysBarwheysHard FarmhouseSilver
Bath Soft cheeseBath Soft cheeseSoft like BrieSilver
Bath Soft cheeseBath Soft cheeseSoft Like CamembertSilver
Burt's cheeseDi VineWrapped in Vine leavesSilver
Burt's cheeseDrunken BurtWashed in CiderSilver
Cerney CheeseCerney CurdPlain CurdSilver
Cerney CheeseCerney mini ashCoated with Oak Ash/Sea saltSilver
Cerney CheeseCerney PepperCoated with Rainbow PepperSilver
Cerney CheeseCerney StarterUnflavouredSilver
Charles Martell & Son LtdSingle GloucesterPDOSilver
Cheesemakers of CanterburyCanterbury CobbleSemi-hard, brinedSilver
Cheesemakers of CanterburyDargate DumpyCamembert-likeSilver
Cheesemakers of CanterburyLamb CobbleSemi-hard, brinedSilver
Cornish Cheese coCornish BlueFull flavoured creamy blueSilver
Cosyn CymruBrefu BachSoft mould ripenedSilver
Cosyn CymruOlwyn FawrManchego-styleSilver
Cote Hill CheeseCote Hill BlueSoft BlueSilver
Cote Hill CheeseCote Hill LindumWashed RindSilver
Cream O' Galloway Dairy CompanyRainton TonneSilver
Crudges CheeseSt AndrewCamembert, ladled curdSilver
Ellies DairyFremlins Kentish LogRipened Goat LogSilver
Fowlers Forest Dairies LTDClarabelWensleydale StyleSilver
Goats R us ShropshireGoats R Us softSoftSilver
GodminsterGodminster Traditional BrieAir-ripened organic soft whiteSilver
Godsells CheeseVillage GossipSilver
Guernsleigh CheeseGuernsleigh Peppered OakSoft Fresh CheeseSilver
Hamm Tun Fine foodsNorthamptonshire BlueSilver
Hill Farm DairyStawleySilver
KappacaseinLondon RacletteSimilar to reblochonSilver
KeensMature Cheddar12 Month aged Keen's cheddarSilver
Kennall Vale CheeseTreloarHard pressed farmhouseSilver
Lincolnshire PoacherLicolnshire RedSilver
Lincolnshire PoacherLincolnshire PoacherSilver
Loosehanger CheesesCarreGwynSilver
Loosehanger CheesesMere Park Sheep’s MilkSilver
Lynher DariesCornish Wild Garlic Yarg?Wrapped in Wild Garlic leavesSilver
Lynher DariesCornish Yarg?Nettle wrappedSilver
Moydens CheeseCaer CaradocSilver
Moydens CheeseIronbridgeSilver
Moydens CheeseNewportSilver
Moydens CheeseNewport 1665Oak SmokedSilver
Nene ViewSkyverHard Goats CheeseSilver
Northumberland Cheese CompanyNorthumberlandia Hard cows’ milk, black-waxedSilver
Norton and Yarrow CheeseBrightwell BarrowA Fresh Goats CheeseSilver
Norton and Yarrow CheeseSinodun HillRipened Goats Cheese PyramidSilver
Pextenement Cheese CompanyPexommier?Soft white rinded cheeseSilver
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Extra Mature cheddarMatured for 18-21 MonthsSilver
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Goats MilkLocally sourced goats milkSilver
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Mature ClothboundMatured for 12-15 monthsSilver
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Vintage CheddarMatured for 21-24 monthsSilver
River Amble CreameryCornish JackSwiss Style Cheese with Numberous small eye formationsSilver
Shropshire Cheese CoMarches BlueCreamy white paste with greenish blue veinsSilver
Shropshire Cheese CoShropshire BlueRusset Coloured creamy cheese with blue/green veiningSilver
Sleight FarmCardoSemi-SoftSilver
Temple's CheeseBinham BlueSemi-soft blue veinedSilver
Village Maid Cheese CompanyWaterlooSemi-soft mould ripened Guernsey CowsSilver
Village Maid Cheese CompanyWigmoreSemi-soft mould ripened ewesSilver
Whalesborough cheeseTrelawnyTraditional cut and blockedSilver
Whitelake DriftwoodSilver
Whitelake Morn DewSilver
Whitelake Pave CobbleSilver
Woefuldane Organic DairyForester HardHard pressed cheddar styleSilver
Woefuldane Organic DairyTinglestone in flavoured oilFresh unripened cheeseSilver
Woolsery cheese LTDWoolsery English GoatFirm goat cheeseSilver
ApplebysDouble GloucesterBronze
Belvoir Ridge CreameryColwickBronze
Burt's cheeseBurt's BlueWheelBronze
Carmarthen Cheese CompanyCorlan WenSoft white cheeseBronze
Caws Cenarth CheesePeri LasBlue VeinedBronze
Caws RhydydelynA470Smoked Farmhouse cheeseBronze
Caws RhydydelynCaws RhydydelynCamembert with SamphireBronze
Cheesemakers of CanterburyBowyersBrie-likeBronze
Cheesemakers of CanterburyRamseyHardBronze
Chillies Farm Dairy LtdWillow?Bloomy rinded softBronze
Corleggy CheeseCavanbertBronze
Corleggy CheeseKidBronze
Cream O' Galloway Dairy CompanyLaganoryCaerphillyBronze
Derg FarmhouseDerg CheddarBronze
Ferndale CheesesNorfolk TawnyBronze
Goatwood DairyLangtonSoft Fresh CheeseBronze
Godsells CheeseMozarella (pizza)Bronze
Goodwood Home FarmCharlton CheddarBritish TerritorialBronze
Goodwood Home FarmExtra Mature Charlton CheddarBritish TerritorialBronze
Guernsleigh CheeseGuernsleigh Golden oakBrieBronze
Hartington Creamery LtdSmoked Peakland WhiteBronze
High Weald DairyDuddleswellEwes milkBronze
High Weald DairySister SarahContinental StyleBronze
HS BourneCloth Bound Cheshire?Farmhouse CheshireBronze
Lyburn Farmhouse cheeseStoney Cross3 Month Mould Ripened Semi-hard CheeseBronze
Montgomery's CheeseOgleshieldWash RindBronze
Moydens CheeseApley CheeseBronze
Nettlebed CreamerySt BartholomewBronze
Northumberland Cheese CompanyBlagdon Blue?Semi-soft blue, clear- waxedBronze
Smarts Traditional Gloucester CheeseDouble GloucesterBronze
Stichelton Dairy Ltd CheeseStitcheltonBlueBronze
TeifiSavalWashed rindBronze
Temple's CheeseCopys CloudWhite Rinded Soft cheeseBronze
Temple's CheeseGurney GoldRind Washed Soft cheeseBronze
Temple's CheeseMeltonMozarella styleBronze
Temple's CheeseWightonFresh Curd cheeseBronze
The Old Cheese roomMini BaronetFrench style individualBronze
Village Maid Cheese CompanySpenwoodHard ewes milk cheeseBronze
Whin Yeats DairyFellstoneA traditional Wensleydale typeBronze
Whitelake TorBronze
Woefuldane Organic DairyTinglestone VineFresh, unripened in vine leaf coatingBronze
Woefuldane Organic DairyWhite HeavenSoft, mould ripened cheeseBronze
Woolsery cheese LTDEnglish HerbHerb layer within cheeseBronze
Woolsery cheese LTDMeadowsweetFresh CowBronze
Woolsery cheese LTDNanetteMould ripened goat cheeseBronze

Sponsors of the Awards

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support. Classes and sponsors for the first year of the awards are:
Supreme ChampionA La Carte Packaging Solutions
Small Producer (<50t) JKM Foods (Cultures etc)
Micro Producer (<5t)School of Artisan Food
Best SoftMelton Borough Council
Best Semi-SoftBrooksby Melton College
Best HardMelton Chamber of Commerce
Best BlueBentons
Best British TerritorialNeal's Yard
Best EU PFNMelton NFU & NFU Mutual
Best New CheeseLa Fromagerie
Best FarmhouseHarvey and Brockless
Best Goat's MilkCheese on the Green
Best Sheep’s MilkSapori & Saperi Adventures Ltd
Best VegetarianVegetarian Society
Best Raw MilkThe Fine Cheese Co
Best Cow's MilkMelton Mowbray Food Partnership
Best OrganicArtisan Cheese Fair

The Aim of the Awards.

The Artisan Cheese Awards is to recognise the craft and skill of the small artisan cheesemaker. The awards are open to any cheesemaker in the British Isles producing less than 250 tonnes of cheese a year. First prize of £1,000 will be given for the best cheese in the awards, named 'Supreme Champion'. The sponsor of the award is ‘A la Carte Packaging Solutions’ who provide “One Stop Shop” packaging products to the cheese industry. An award and a £800 prize will also be given to the best cheese entered by a small cheese maker who is producing less than 50 tonnes of cheese a year, sponsored by JKM Foods. JKM Foods are specialists in production and the supply of ingredients to the dairy industry including cultures, rennet and other products. A voucher of £575 for a professional cheese making course at the School of Artisan Food will be given to the best micro producer making less than 5 tonnes a year. Besides the award winners for each class, awards will be given to the best goat’s cheese, the best ewe’s cheese and best vegetarian cheese sponsored by Cheese on the Green, Sapori & Saperi Adventures Ltd and the Vegetarian Society respectively. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in each class will also be awarded. The best artisan cheese ‘The People’s Favourite’ as judged by the public during the Artisan Cheese Fair will be announced after the Fair. Sponsors of each of the classes and prizes are given below Judging for the awards will start at 11am on Friday 29th April at the Exhibition Halls in the Livestock Market, Scalford Road, Melton Mowbray. LE13 1JY. We're very grateful to Melton Mowbray Market for their sponsorship and support of the awards. The awards will be presented at the Cheese Makers Supper on Saturday 30th April. Entries will be received on Thursday 28th April. Rules for Awards Entry is only from artisan cheese makers in the British Isles producing less than 250 tonnes of cheese (in total) per year starting from milk. (No blenders, affineurs, secondary producers etc). All cheeses must be commercially available Cheese makers can enter more than one class and more than one cheese in each class; cost of entry is £12 for each cheese Entry for small cheeses under 500g - two whole cheeses.  For larger cheeses 2kg of cheese. Forms must be returned by Tuesday 5th April. Entries will be received on Thursday 29th April, the day before the judging. Notes *Best British Territorial Cheese will include: Caerphilly, Cheddar, Cheshire, Derby, Dunlop, Gloucester, Lancashire, Red Leicester, Stilton, Wensleydale etc **Best Protected Food Name Cheese will include: Beacon Fell Lancashire, Dorset Blue, Dovedale, Exmoor Blue, Orkney Cheddar, Single Gloucester, Staffordshire, Stilton, Swaledale, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, Yorkshire Wensleydale