2017 Artisan Cheese Awards


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Supreme Champion – sponsored by The Fine Cheese Co will receive £1,000

Entries are now open for the 2107 Artisan Cheese Awards. The awards will be judged on Thursday 20th April 2017 and the prizes presented at the Cheese Makers Supper on Saturday 29th April. Reception of the cheeses will be on Wednesday 19th April. Entry forms must be returned by 6th April.

Download Entry Notes Here Awards Notes

Download Entry Form Here Awards Entry Form

Entry is only from artisan cheese makers in the British Isles producing less than 250 tonnes of cheese (in total for the whole company) per year starting from milk. (No blenders, affineurs, secondary producers etc).  All cheeses must be commercially available

Classes 2017

1Best SoftMelton Town Estate tbc
2Best Semi-SoftWheyMaker Cheese
3Best HardBradbury's Cheese
4Best BlueJKM Foods
5Best Cow's MilkA La Carte Packaging Solutions
6Best Sheep’s MilkBrooksby Melton College tbc
7Best Goat's MilkLa Fromagerie
8Best VegetarianVegetarian Society
9Best Raw MilkMelton Borough Council tbc
10Best Organictbc
11Best Farmhouse*Harvey and Brockless
12Best British Territorial**Neal's Yard
13Best EU PFN***Howes Percival LLP
14Best New Cheese****La Fromagerie
15Best Washed Rindtbc

In addition

Best Micro Producer <5t School of Artisan Food

Best English Cheese – National Farmers Union

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support.


*Farmhouse: cheese made on the farm from the farmers own milk.

**Best British Territorial Cheese will include: Caerphilly, Cheddar, Cheshire, Derby, Dunlop, Gloucester, Lancashire, Red Leicester, Stilton, Wensleydale etc

***Best Protected Food Name Cheese will include: Beacon Fell Lancashire, Dorset Blue, Dovedale, Exmoor Blue, Orkney Cheddar, Single Gloucester, Staffordshire, Stilton, Swaledale, West Country Farmhouse Cheddar, Yorkshire Wensleydale

****Best New Cheese, cheese launched commercially within the last full year ie launched after 1st January 2016