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Supreme Champion – Berkswell Cheese sponsored by The Fine Cheese Co.

Photograph: Stephen Fletcher receiving Supreme Champion Award from Ruth Raskin of The Fine Cheese Co

Sheep’s Cheese wins Supreme Champion at Artisan Cheese Awards

A sheep’s cheese called ‘Berkswell’ was crowned Supreme Champion at the recent Artisan Cheese Awards held in Melton Mowbray. The winning cheese, produced by the Fletcher family of Ram Hall Farm, beat over five hundred entries from 115 producers to win the prestigious award. The award comes with a gleaming silver cup and a £1,000 cheque from sponsor The Fine Cheese Co.


Ann-Marie Dyas, Co-Founder of The Fine Cheese Co. said “We’ve been selling Berkswell for around 30 years which is almost as long as the Fletchers have been making it. It’s a real testament to their continuing commitment to quality and raw milk cheese that they continue to win prestigious awards such as this. We couldn’t be more pleased to see them run off with the Supreme Champion Award!”
Berkswell not only won the Supreme Champion Award but also the Best Farmhouse Cheese class sponsored by Harvey & Brockless and Best English Cheese sponsored by the NFU. When told about the news Stephen Fletcher of the Ram Hall Dairy said: “What brilliant news to wake up to!” Responding to the many messages of support on Twitter he retweeted “Thankyou everyone who’s tweeted their congrats & support after our success this weekend. Proud to be part of the speciality cheese business. Thanks to sponsors The Fine Cheese Co, Harvey & Brockless and the NFU.”

Matthew O’Callaghan organiser of the awards noted that sheep’s milk cheese is becoming more popular in Britain. He said that in the Middle Ages Britain’s main export was wool from millions of sheep reared across the country particularly in the large monastic settlements to be found in Yorkshire and elsewhere. Sheep’s cheese was much more common in those days with cheeses such as Wensleydale originating as a sheep’s milk cheese. The dissolution of the monasteries and the Enclosure Acts led to a decline in the number of sheep and the rise in cattle and cow’s milk cheeses. Recently more producers in Britain have started to produce sheep’s cheeses and the response by the public has been very encouraging.

At the Awards a total of 24 prizes were handed out which recognised the best cheeses for texture, animal origin, raw milk, type and nationality. Over £10,000 was raised in sponsorship as prize money given directly to the winning cheesemakers.

A total of 46 Golds were awarded by the judges with 55 silvers and 52 Bronzes also being handed out. Of the 115 cheesemakers who entered, 16 were from Ireland followed by Scotland with 9 and Wales with 7. There was a very good representation, 30 cheesemakers, from micro producers (<5 tonnes a year production) and another 30 from small producers (between 5 and 25 tonnes a year).  


62% of the cheeses entered were made with vegetarian rennet. 40% were made with raw milk. Only 11% were organic. 72% of the entries were made from cow’s milk, 11% sheep’s milk and 17% from goat’s milk.

The 7th Artisan Cheese Fair followed the Awards with 69 cheesemakers from the UK and Ireland selling their cheeses directly to several thousand visitors who attended the event. 

Cheese MakerCheeseClass NoClassSponsorPrize
Supreme Champion
Ram Hall DairyBerkswell11FarmhouseFine Cheese Co$1,000
Class Winners
Golden Cross Cheese CoGolden Cross1SoftMelton Town Estate$500
Village Maid Cheese CompanyWigmore2Semi-SoftPaul Thomas Consultancy*$500
Lincolnshire PoacherLincolnshire Poacher3HardBradbury's Cheese$500
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseBoyne Valley Blue4BlueJKM Foods$500
Lincolnshire PoacherLincolnshire Poacher5CowA La Carte Packaging Solutions$500
Village Maid Cheese CompanySpenwood6SheepMarks & Spencer$500
Tenacres CheeseHebden Goat7GoatLa Fromagerie$500
Cote Hill CheeseCote Hill Blue8VegetarianVegetarian Society$500
Golden Cross Cheese CoGolden Cross9Raw MilkMelton Borough Council$500
Haford CheeseHafod Welsh Cheddar10OrganicMelton Mowbray Food Partnership$500
Ram Hall DairyBerkswell11FarmhouseHarvey and Brockless$500
Trethowan's Dairy LtdGorwydd Caerphilly12TerritorialNeal's Yard$500
Hartington Creamery LtdHartington Stilton13PFNHowes Percival LLP$500
Norton and Yarrow CheeseSinodun Hill14New CheeseLa Fromagerie$500
Whitelake Rachel15Washed RindBrooksby Melton College$500
Other Awards
Cheese MakerCheeseClass NoClassSponsorPrize
Cosyn CymruBrefu Bach1Small ProducerArtisan Cheese Awards$750
Bo Rua FarmBo Rua Cheese5Micro ProducerSchool of Artisan Food (voucher)$500
Ram Hall DairyBerkswell11Best EnglishNFU$500
Inagh Farmhouse CheeseSt Tola 500g Ash Log11Best IrishNot Sponsored
Isle of MullIsle of Mull9Best ScottishNot Sponsored
Caws Cenarth CheeseThelma Original Caerffili12Best WelshNot Sponsored
Long Clawson DairyStiltonPeople's ChoiceNot Sponsored
Colston BassettStiltonStiltonBenton's (Melton Mowbray)$500
Total Prizes$10,750
Highly Commended
Cheese MakerCheeseClass NoClass
Cosyn CymruBrefu bach1Soft
Montgomery's CheeseOgleshield2Semi-Soft
Village Maid Cheese CompanySpenwood3Hard
Two Hoots CheeseBarkham Blue4Blue
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Extra Mature Cheddar5Cow
Carmarthen Cheese CompanyBlue Cheshire6Sheep
Teesdale CheesemakersTeesdale Goat7Goat
Lyburn Farmhouse CheeseOld Winchester8Vegetarian
Whitewood DairySt Jude9Raw Milk
Old Plaw HatchPlaw Hatch Halloumi10Organic
Cornish Cheese coCornish Blue11Farmhouse
Caws Cenarth CheeseThelma Original Caerffili12Territorial
KeensExtra Mature Keen's Cheddar13PFN
Whitelake Sheep Curd14New Cheese
Inverloch Cheese CompanyCampbeltown Loch15Washed Rind
DergDerg Farmhouse Cheese9Small Producer
Boyne Valley BlueBoyne Valley Blue4Micro Producer
Cornish Cheese CoCornish Blue11Best English
Bo Rua FarmBo Rua Cheese5Best Irish
Connage Highland Dairy Connage Gouda 10Best Scottish
Caws Cenarth CheeseThelma Original Caerffili12Best Welsh
Awards: arranged in order of: Gold, Silver, Bronze and then alphabetically
Cheese MakerCheeseAward
Bath Soft Cheese CompanyBath BlueGold
Bath Soft Cheese CompanyWyfe of BathGold
Bo Rua FarmBo Rua CheeseGold
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseBoyne Valley BlueGold
Carmarthen Cheese CompanyBlue CheshireGold
Caws Cenarth CheeseThelma Original CaerffiliGold
Caws Cenarth CheesePerl WenGold
City CheeseRaw Milk Goats CheeseGold
Connage Highland Dairy Connage Gouda Gold
Cornish Cheese coCornish BlueGold
Cosyn CymruBrefu bachGold
Cote Hill CheeseCote Hill BlueGold
Doddington Dairy CheeseBerwick EdgeGold
Fielding CottageWensum WhiteGold
Godsells CheeseHoly SmokedGold
Golden Cross Cheese CoGolden CrossGold
Golden Cross Cheese CoFlower MarieGold
Gubbeen Dairy LtdGubbeenGold
Haford CheeseHafod Welsh CheddarGold
Hartington Creamery LtdHartington StiltonGold
Inagh Farmhouse CheeseSt Tola 500g Ash LogGold
Inverloch Cheese CompanyCampbeltown LochGold
Isle of MullIsle of MullGold
Isle of Wight Cheese CompanyIsle of Wight BlueGold
KeensExtra Mature Keen's CheddarGold
Lincolnshire PoacherLincolnshire PoacherGold
Lyburn Farmhouse CheeseOld WinchesterGold
Montgomery's CheeseOgleshieldGold
Moydens CheeseApley CheeseGold
Mrs Kirkhams CheeseMrs Kirkhams Tasty LancsGold
Norton and Yarrow CheeseSinodun HillGold
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Extra Mature CheddarGold
Ram Hall DairyBerkswellGold
Smarts Traditional Gloucester CheeseSingle GloucesterGold
Teesdale CheesemakersTeesdale GoatGold
Tenacres CheeseHebden GoatGold
Tenacres CheeseGātGold
Trethowan's Dairy LtdGorwydd CaerphillyGold
Treveador Farm DairyHelford CamembertGold
Two Hoots CheeseBarkham BlueGold
Two Hoots CheeseLoddon BleweGold
Village Maid Cheese CompanySpenwoodGold
Village Maid Cheese CompanyWigmoreGold
Whitelake RachelGold
Whitelake Bagborough BrieGold
Whitewood DairySt JudeGold
ApplebysCheshire (Coloured)Silver
Bath Soft Cheese CompanyBath Soft CheeseSilver
Bath Soft Cheese CompanyThe Merry WyfeSilver
Cais na TireCais na Tire (Gouda)Silver
Caws Cenarth CheesePerl LasSilver
Caws Teifi CheeseSavalSilver
Cheesemakers of CanterburyRamseySilver
Chillies Farm Dairy LtdHazelSilver
Cote Hill CheeseCote Hill LindumSilver
Doddington Dairy CheeseDoddingtonSilver
Fen Farm DairyBaron BigodSilver
Fielding CottageNorfolk YarnSilver
Fielding CottageEllinghamSilver
Fielding CottageNorfolk MardlerSilver
Galway Goat FarmFresh Goats CheeseSilver
GodminsterOrganic Brie with Black PepperSilver
Godsells CheeseSingle GloucesterSilver
Gubbeen Dairy LtdGubbeen (Smoked)Silver
Hamm Tun Fine foodsNorthamptonshire BlueSilver
Hampshire CheesesWinsladeSilver
Hartington Creamery LtdShropshire BlueSilver
Highland Fine Cheeses Ltd4EwesSilver
Inagh Farmhouse CheeseSt Tola 1kg LogSilver
Kennall Vale CheeseTreloarSilver
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseKilmoraSilver
King Stone DairyRollrightSilver
Leicestershire Handmade Cheese CoSparkenhoe Red LeicesterSilver
Lightwood Cheese LtdChaserSilver
Lyburn Farmhouse CheeseStoney CrossSilver
Lyburn Farmhouse CheeseLightly Oak SmokedSilver
Lynher DariesCornish YargSilver
Lynher DariesCornish KernSilver
Lynher DariesCornish Wild Garlic YargSilver
Montgomery's CheeseMontgomery's CheddarSilver
OlianasYorkshire Pecorino FrescoSilver
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Oak Smoked CheddarSilver
River Amble CreameryCornish JackSilver
River Amble CreameryOld JackSilver
Sharpham PartnershipWashbourneSilver
Sharpham PartnershipSavourSilver
Shropshire Cheese CoShropshire BlueSilver
Shropshire Cheese CoMarches BlueSilver
The Kedar Cheese CompanyFresh MozzarellaSilver
The Marlow Cheese CompanyCygnetSilver
The Old Cheese RoomBaronetSilver
The Old Cheese RoomMini BaronetSilver
Thornby Moor DairyCumberland FarmhouseSilver
Thornby Moor DairyCurthwaiteSilver
Thornby Moor DairyBlue WhinnowSilver
Ticklemore Cheese DairyHarbourne BlueSilver
Village Maid Cheese CompanyWaterlooSilver
Whalesborough cheeseMiss MuffetSilver
Whin Yeats DairyFellstoneSilver
Whitelake Sheep CurdSilver
Wootton DairyLittle RydingSilver
ApplebysDouble GloucesterBronze
Belvoir Ridge CreameryColwickBronze
Boyne Valley Farmhouse CheeseTomme de Boyne Valley Bronze
Burt's cheeseDi VineBronze
Cais na TireCais na Tire Sheep’s CheeseBronze
Cambus O' May Cheese CompanyCambus O'MayBronze
Carmarthen Cheese CompanyCorlan WenBronze
Carmarthen Cheese CompanyBoksburgh GoldBronze
Caws Cenarth CheeseGolden CenarthBronze
Caws RhydydelynMon Las/Anglesey BlueBronze
Caws Teifi CheeseCaws Teifi CheeseBronze
Charles Martell & Son LtdStinking BishopBronze
Charles Martell & Son LtdNuns of CaenBronze
Corleggy CheeseCorleggyBronze
Curds and CroustMiss WennaBronze
Curds and CroustTrufflerBronze
Derg Farmhouse CheeseDerg CheeseBronze
Doddington Dairy CheeseCuddy's CaveBronze
Ferndale CheesesNorfolk DappleBronze
Fielding CottageGoats CurdBronze
GodminsterTraditional Organic BrieBronze
Gould's CheddarExtra MatureBronze
Grumpy FarmerAlsace Farmhouse Soft Goats CheeseBronze
Grumpy FarmerFarmhouse Soft Goats CheeseBronze
Hamm Tun Fine foodsCobblers NibbleBronze
Highland Fine Cheeses LtdTain TruckleBronze
Inverloch Cheese CompanyHowgate Kintyre BlueBronze
KeensExtra Mature Keen'sBronze
Killeen Farmhouse CheeseKilleen GoatBronze
Lightwood Cheese LtdLittle FleaBronze
Lightwood Cheese LtdSt ThomBronze
Moydens CheeseIronbridgeBronze
Moydens CheeseNewport 1665Bronze
Mrs Kirkhams CheeseMrs Kirkhams Mild Creamy LancsBronze
Nettlebed CreamerySt BartholomewBronze
Northumberland Cheese CompanyChevingtonBronze
Old Plaw HatchPlaw Hatch HalloumiBronze
Pant Mawr CheesesSmoked Caws PreseliBronze
Quickes Traditional LTDQuickes Goats Milk CheeseBronze
Sabanero Artisan CheeseSabanero Fresh Semi-Hard CheeseBronze
Sharpham PartnershipRustic Chives & GarlicBronze
Stichelton Dairy Ltd CheeseSticheltonBronze
Teesdale CheesemakersWhite HiltonBronze
Teesdale CheesemakersTeesdale BlueBronze
The Kedar Cheese CompanySmoked MozzarellaBronze
The Swaledale Cheese Company LTDBlue Swaledale Bronze
The Swaledale Cheese Company LTDRichmond SmokedBronze
Thornby Moor DairyToveyBronze
Whitelake Pave CobbleBronze
Whitelake FetishBronze
Whitelake White NancyBronze
Whitelake Sheep RustlerBronze